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I met this boy
And I was walking home barefoot at eight in the morning when I stepped on a shard of glass. And because of the pain I pulled out the glass. It was multicoloured and kind of beautiful. And I kept it. And I put it on my dresser. And it's still kind of beautiful.
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Across from me is a girl who reminds me of a book that has pages loose and highlighted lines. She carries a part of me in her palms; being careful as if she is holding porcelain. She looks up at me from her drink and I can see the swirl of clouds and rain behind her carefully calculated eyes. She has a strength that does not fail and she commands it to wrap around her when things match her eyes. She takes a sip of her coffee and smiles softly. Just for a moment, the rain steadies and a murky sun comes out, as if in a far away dream.
"I don't want this drink to end. I just want to sit here forever."
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Wd hh:h
On the ground there shines a gasoline rainbow
      the colours making love to create the birth of quiet art
      leaning closer you can see the foam, like clouds on the horizon
      the pebbles it surrounds sink into it like a warm bath
      leaning closer I see the ants waltzing through the foam
On the ground a splatter of rainfall drops
                            And the gasoline rainbow is washed away
:icondelicateatmosphere:DelicateAtmosphere 3 1
something by DelicateAtmosphere something :icondelicateatmosphere:DelicateAtmosphere 1 1
Curtain call
Walk in with a little swagger in my step.
Thinking I know what is going on in every mind around me. And hell, I do.
I bite my lip and it drives them crazy because they like a tease.
They like a girl who knows how to show what she's got.
I own them. They jeer and shout and I give a little smile and maybe, a wink.
I feel the electricity in the air crackle just for me and the world lights up.
Spotlight is on me and everyone is looking.
With a flick of my wrist I own them and I can see the control they're about to toss away.
And just before I breathe, my tongue traces across my lips. They shout.
And men are toys.
:icondelicateatmosphere:DelicateAtmosphere 3 10
She Will Destroy You by werol She Will Destroy You :iconwerol:werol 1,147 97 Howl's Moving Castle by kirawinter Howl's Moving Castle :iconkirawinter:kirawinter 7,701 1,537



Dark Kuroppoi
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I've been trying to create something.

But I think that all the things I would create are comforatable in my head because every time I try to take them out they hide.

It's getting a little better though.

Personal Quote: "When you make your mark in the world, watch out for guys with erasers."
Why do you let me do these thigns?

Why do you do them without me knowing

Why do you not know/

Why don't you tell me?

Why don't you ask?

Why aren't you home when I go there?

Why don't you call before you come?

Why can't you realize that I come randomly

Why don't you understand that I have friends outside of you?

How could you?

Why shouldn't I?

How did we end up talking like a Who's Line is it Anyway sckit?

How does anything we do have an explaination?

Did I say it did?

Will I be right back?

How would I know?

How could you not assume?

I have to go soon so would you like me to stop this nonsense and give you an answer to your first question?

Why do you have to go?

Isn't it obviouse?

Should it be?

You know I have siblings right?

Why don't you remember that I normally forget you do?

You normally forget I do?

You don't?

Are you even trying to make sense?

are you really expecting a proper conversation with someone who's been drinking?

Are you still feeling the afects?

Aren't people supposed to a little when they drank not that long ago?

How long is not that long ago?

How long are we going to keep questioning eachother/

Didn't I try to ask if you would like to stop?

Did you think i would have responded properly so you would win?

You didn't think of saying something like "Would you do that for me?"?

once again, do you really think i am that smart?

Aren't you?

Am I?

You know that was a lame reply right?

Did you think I had more to say?

How much did you drink exactly?

How much is a little?

You know I'm not a drinker right?
Also did I tell you that I acedentaly got drunk?

You didn't think i clued into that? Why didn't you tell me that before? What happened?
Well have you even been so tired that you didn't know the juice you were drinking was half vodca?

How could you not taste the Vodka*?

Have you ever been so tired you thought you were a tent?
Have you ever been so out of it you tried to carry people around because you thought you were a taxi?

How is that relevant?

how is any of this relevant? Can we stop now?

Would you like to stop first?

Do you really think i want to stop first?

How am I supposed to know what your thinking?

Did I not make it clear earlier?

What are you refering to?

Did you not pay attention to the earlier part of the conversation?

Was part of it relevant?

How was part of it not?

Your kidding right?

Do you think I am?

Isn't that clear?
And do you remember how I said I was going to have to go soon?

Did you think I forgot? When are you going?

Well you forgot I had siblings didn't you?
Sorry to go off topic but did you know I have a bunny?

Is that just for the facebook thing?

What facebook thing?

Was that not one of your friends commetns or yours?

That I have a bunny?

Wasn't it that you Didn't have a bunny?

So then you didn't know I have a bunny?

Matt  How would I have known?

Sorry to cut this short but if I had to go now would you let me have the last word?

Why would it be any other way?

Well is this a normal conversation?


Should it have been?

Can't you see I'm offline?

Did you think I noticed really/

Did that question make sense to you?

Did it have to be proper grammar?

So are you not going to give me the last word?

Are you going to be late/

Am I going to have to block you?

Can I let you have the last word?

Isn't that what I've beem asking for?
  • Listening to: Don't Stop Believin - Journey


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